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N’Golo Kante is a French professional footballer who is central midfielder with Premier League club Chelsea and the France national team. Considered by many to be among the top midfielders around, Kante is widely praised for his hard work and defensive skills.

The year 2015 saw Kante made the move to Leicester City for a price of PS5.6 million, and was integral in their debut Premier League victory. In the next year, he signed with Chelsea at a cost of PS32 million, and was crowned the league champion and became the first player in the outfield to have won successive English league titles at different club following Eric Cantona in 1992 and 1993. He also has won the PFA Players player of the year award, FWA footballer of the year award, the FA Cup, the UEFA Europa League as well as the UEFA Champions League. He was awarded the UEFA Men’s Midfielder of the Year in 2021.

Kante made his professional debut for Boulogne during 2012 playing as a substitute in a Ligue 2 match, and was a full-time player playing in third division later that year. The following year, Kante signed with Ligue 2 side Caen on an unpaid transfer. He finished third, and was promoted up to Ligue 1. The club stayed with him for a further year.

Kante made his first international appearance for France in the year 2016 and was part of the team which finished runners-up in the 2015 European Championship. In 2017, Kante was awarded as the French player of the year. It was which was the first time for a player who plays in the Premier League in seven years and 12 months after that, he was a crucial member in the team for 2018’s FIFA World Cup winning squad.

Interesting Facts

Full NameN'Golo Leon Jules Kanté
Birth DateMarch 29, 1991
Career Start 1999
Wife Jude Littler
Height1.68 m
Net Worth $31 million

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Childhood & Early Life

N’Golo Kante was born on the 29th of March 1991 at Paris, France. The parents of his were migrants from Mali seeking fortune on the European plains of the 1980s. Kante was abandoned by his father from the age of eleven years old.

After the passing of his dad, Kante resided at home with her. Kante was a small child. Kante is aware of the importance of dedication to his work every day he strives to lessen the burden of his family.

N’ Golo Kante is the first born of the couple Mr. Late and Mrs. Kante. Kante was raised in a tiny flat situated in Rueil Malmaison, a small and dense suburb in Paris. The area is well-known as a destination where blue-collar employees can work.

Growing in Rueil Malmaison Kante’s youth was spent as the hunter. He walked away to East of Paris to pick up garbage and trash. He then sold the garbage and waste to a recycling business. Kante was aware that his work was not enough to meet the family’s requirements. He had a dream to put in the effort to lift his family out of being in poverty.

The hardships of the family meant that Kante be willing to put in the effort more than he would have liked to watch a football game. He would only watch it at a cafe or bar that show it on TV. N’Golo Kante desired to be an athlete in the midst of a multitude of youth clubs at his home.

Then 2018, the World Cup gave him its own tale. Kante began to understand what football meant. At the time Kante was a part of the French nation was stunned. It was especially memorable for Kante since the French team of the time was stuffed with immigrants’ names like Zinedine Zidane, Lilian Thuram, Patric Vieira, and Nicolas Anelka. Thanks to their participation France was able to claim the distinction that of World Champion.

Apart from learning about football during at the time of the 1997 World Cup, Kante who is actually a scavenger been able to make a significant revenue from the world cup. Every day, he would take a huge amount of waste from tourists that traveled to France. The trash left behind by football enthusiasts all over the world was an extremely valuable item for N’Golo Kante.

After that 1998 World Cup, Kante who was just 8 years old had always dreamed of being a professional footballer. He joined JS Suresnes in the western suburbs of Paris. Following his time at into the academy Kante gained popularity for the squad. However, there were many doubts about his capability to endure in 90 minutes despite his diminutive size.

His small size was actually an advantage. Kante was taught to be a great collector with his small size. Every day Kante was growing up, as did his school. A few trophies were presented to N’Golo Kanté. However, there’s a remarkable thing about Kante. He never celebrates each time his team wins the championship.

After 4 years of the first school, Kante is included into the junior player’s rank and helped in teaching younger kids. He stayed late to instruct them. In this situation, Pierre Ville who was the manager at the time was a key person to establish Kante into a formidable player. After that, Kante began to gain some money.

After a successful career at the local team, Kante was able to begin working at a higher level. Between 2010 and the year 2012 Kante became a member of Boulogne. Kante’s passion for football had pleasantly surprised the coach of Boulogne, Durand. After achieving success with Boulogne and Caen, he bolstered Caen in 2013, and finally joined one of the England clubs, Leicester City in 2015.

It was here that his remarkable career began. He had previously stated that he wanted to join the team with the team in England, Leicester City became one of the success stories of N’Golo’s career as professional footballer. He was enlisted to Leicester by Steve Walsh to Leicester on the 3rd of August, 2015. Kante was able to show off his skills as a top midfielder when he was the main part in Leicester City magical season. Apart from the premier league title he earned at Leicester, Kante also had an award for the most outstanding player in the Premier League.

Leicester City had been very successful for Kante. The team that been crowned the England Premier League brought Kante to Stamford Bridge. In the shortest time, Kante became the best known midfielder. Despite his huge salary when he joined Chelsea, Kante had remained his humble. Each time he attends training, he will always take his mini cooper to the Chelsea Training camp.

The enthralling performance of Chelsea led him to be the England Premier League Champion. Additionally, he was named on the 2017 World Cup Squad in Russia. It is the zenith of his career for N’Golo Kante is. He and his teammates been successful in taking France to become the world champions by beating Croatia in the final round of the league. Kante’s innocence was once again highlighted when he was the only player to be photographed with the trophy of the world cup.

Today, Kante has become one of the top midfielders of all time. Kante’s name is often celebrated by a lot of footballers. His humble appearance and unending determination have enabled Kante to achieve his childhood dreamthat is to increase his family’s in the upper echelons of society.


He began his career as a youth in 1999, when he was just 8 years old. He joined JS Suresnes and continued his time there for over 10 years until the year the year 2010. He was often ejected from the spotlight due to his size and weight by larger teams. In 2010, he joined his reserve squad of Boulogne.

His first senior appearance of his club life came in the year 2012 when he played in the Ligue 2 season in a two-goal loss to Monaco. He was substituted by Virgile Reset for the last 11:30 minutes on his debut. It was the International debut with France in the year 2016.

He was a crucial component of the midfield. Leicester City went on to win their first Premier League title. He was a part of all 38 games for Caen at the Ligue 2 level. Ligue 2 and finished up third in the league before eventually making it to Ligue 1 in which he played a key role. He was the main reason behind the greatness in Leicester City in the Premier League. He was named the player of the match in the match in the Premier League against former team Leicester City.

Beginning with Boulogne in 2012, he began his professional career with Boulogne. He then moved to Caen in the following season. He was before moving to Leicester City till 2016. He is currently playing for Chelsea.

He was awarded the PFA Players Player of the Year award and the FWA Footballer of the Year to become the first outfielder to earn back-to-back English League titles playing for various teams in the year 2017. He was included as a member of the PFA Team of the Year in the year 2015. He was the top tackler with 175 tackles towards the close of between 2015 and 2016 in the Premier League. He was recognized in L’Equipe as the world’s sixth most successful footballer in 2016. Nominated to an award called the Ballon d’Or in 2007.

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